The Brainy Tourist Science & Zoo Workbooks, Disney World Education - Jason GroomsHi! We’re Jason & Meg Grooms. We’re long-time secular homeschooling parents of 6 kids, grandparents, writers, creators, and adventurers. We created The Brainy Tourist to share our materials with the world.

The Brainy Tourist started out as KidQuest Science Adventures with our first and most popular book, Wild at the Zoo. WATZ was so popular that people started asking us to create more books! Bugging Around: Insects, a unit study you can use in your own backyard, was our second book. Our World Neighbors, a world cultures unit study based on a visit to Walt Disney World’s Epcot, is our third book. We created this book after many requests from local friends who use trips to Disney World as part of their homeschooling experience.

Jason writes all of our books and Meg works on the backend of the business. Meg is also a homeschool blogger, you can read what she writes at HomeschoolGameschool.com.


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Are your books aligned with Common Core Standards?
We designed our materials to be engaging and get kids excited about science! Any alignment to Common Core Standards is strictly coincidental.

Do you teach Intelligent Design/Creation or Evolution?
Our books are based on evolution. While we may not directly teach evolution in some books, we do mention and refer to it. We, as scientists & educators, firmly believe that evolution is the very basis of science and human existence and as thus cannot be ignored at any level.

Are you a vendor with any California charter schools?
At this time we are not a vendor with any charter schools. We are considering this option for the near future, so stay tuned!